Executive Women of Influence


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Areté-Executive Women of Influence



Areté ( /ˈærətiː/; Greek: ἀρετή), originated in the Greek language and culture, where it conveyed excellence, courage and strength especially in the face of adversity, or the highest virtue of any kind. Areté –Executive Women of Influence seeks to embody this concept as we encourage and support members as working executive women living up to their full purpose and potential.

Areté-Executive Women of Influence is where high level executive women of strong values can maximize their full potential through the power and safety of the executive peer group community.  Membership is derived from but not limited to profit, non-profit, academic and public service sectors.  Our members are business owners and C-Level executives with a vast array of expertise.  Our members protect their calendars to prioritize our monthly round table think tanks and hearty discussions.  Annually, all members gather for a retreat over several days that incorporate learning, refreshment and inspiration.

•Areté members become one another’s own personal ‘Advisory Board’

•Safe, transparent, confidential environment with ‘true’ peers operating in an ‘iron sharpens iron’ container

•Interactive meeting formats where all members have an active, safe ‘voice’

•Value of diverse perspectives and varied life and work experiences

•Fulfillment of social needs in interaction and relationships built

•Collaboratively link arms with one another using our influence for the greater good

  1.    Continued professional and personal development

  2.    Support one another using influence when facing transition of any kind

  3.    ‘We are better together’

Areté is where I am poured into and challenged in a secure, trusted environment with other high level women professionals so that I can then serve and be all I need to be on the platform, on boards, in my company, in my community, and in my personal life.’